Exam results / Resultados

We congratulate all our GCSE and A level students on their results in the June 2016 examinations.

GCE A Levels

Polina Belokrylova
A* in Art & Design and Russian, B in Mathematics and Spanish

Louana Denogent
A* in Spanish, A in Mathematics, B in Biology and Chemistry

Luis Gómez Elguezabal
A* in Spanish, D in Art & Design and Mathematics

Teresa Wright
A* in Spanish, A in History and B in English Literature

We wish all of our A level students well with their university studies.


93% of our students obtained a minimum of 5 A* to C grades at GCSE level.

Special mention goes to the following students for their excellent results:

10 A* grades: Ruhaan Melwani Daryanani
9 A* grades: Krishna Shahdadpuri, Akaash Sadhwani Kirpalani
7  A* grades: Alejandro Sánchez-Vizcaíno Sánchez
5  A* grades: Kai Zhou Wang
4  A* grades: Tanya Kirpalani Mahtani, Javier Robles Carrasco, Alberto Merchant Cuevas