If we believe, as Shakespeare says “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players;” then the study of Drama and Theatre is essential in understanding the world around us and the part or parts that we play.

Students who choose Drama should be creative, have a desire to express themselves, have the ability to communicate in a variety of contexts and be able to find meaning from others’ works.


GCSE Drama

Students will work through three components:

DEVISING: students will develop their creative and exploratory skills to devise an original performance.

TEXT IN PERFORMANCE: students will develop and demonstrate theatre-making skills, appropriate to their role as a performer or designer.

THEATRE MAKERS IN PRACTISE: students will consider, analyse and evaluate how different theatre makers create impact. (At least one excursion to view live theatre is obligatory)

We expect students to achieve a minimum of a 6 in Year 9 English in order to study GCSE Drama.