Exam results / Resultados

We congratulate all our GCSE and A level students on their results in the June 2017 examinations.

GCE A Levels

Louis Chislett
A* in Mathematics and Chemistry, A in Physics and B in Further Mathematics

Celina Heuzeroth Rico
A in Spanish, B in Mathematics, C in Biology and English Literature

Mohamad Kobayter Helayhel
B in Spanish, C in Business Studies and French

José Ignacio Lopez Florido
A* in Mathematics and Spanish, B in Physics and C in Further Mathematics

Laura Sánchez Borrego
A in Spanish, D in History, E in English Literature

Javier Seara Prieto
A in Mathematics and Spanish, B in Economics, Geography and German

Dhananjay Shahdaduri
C in Biology and Chemistry, D in Mathematics

All of our A level students are continuing their studies at universities in the UK, USA or Spain.


86% of our students obtained a minimum of 5 A* to C grades at GCSE level. 

Special mention goes to the following students for their excellent results:

9 A* or A grades: Carlota Asegurada Márquez
7  A* or A grades: Tiffany Pettis
6  A* or A grades: Lin Rui Zhu Chen
4  A* or A grades: Afrika Green Bello 
3  A* or A grades: Manuel Ariza Jiménez, Glen Heinen
2  A* or A grades: Victoria Pettis, David Solé Conejo, Jiaqi Wang Zhang, Anhui Zhou