Modern Foreign Languages

French, German and Spanish

At Sunny View we follow the Edexcel syllabus at both IGCSE and IA level in the three modern foreign languages. We prepare students from Year 7 onwards in all four key skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) through constant oral, aural and written practice in the target language, based on different topics. Translations and the acquisition of grammatical concepts and vocabulary also play an important part in the learning process and facilitate the development of all four skills.


Why study languages?


Communities are becoming more and more diverse and the need for communication in other languages is apparent. Learning a foreign language increases job opportunities and enables people to travel and communicate in a language other than their mother tongue. Many employers prefer to take on employees who know at least one foreign language, due to the numerous benefits this can bring a company.


IGCSE in French, German and Spanish


There are three examination papers and four skills tested (listening, speaking, reading and writing), worth 25% each.

The five topic areas covered in the three examination papers are:

  • Home and abroad
  • Education and employment
  • Personal life and relationships
  • The world around us
  • Social activities, fitness and health


International AS and A level in French, German and Spanish


Students are expected to achieve a minimum of a grade 6 in order to access an A level in languages.
The International Advanced Subsidiary is the first half of the International Advanced Level course and consists of Units 1 and 2. It may be awarded as a qualification in itself or contribute 50 per cent of the total International Advanced Level marks.

The following topic areas are covered:

  • Youth matters
  • Lifestyle: health and fitness
  • Environment and travel
  • Education and employment

The Edexcel International Advanced Level comprises four units and contains an International Advanced Subsidiary subset of two IAS units. In addition to the topics covered in the International AS award, the following topics are added:

  • Technology in the French-speaking world
  • Society in the French-speaking world
  • Ethics in the French-speaking world