Our house 

All of our students are encouraged to work hard, but we also want them to know that the boarding house is their home and somewhere to relax.

We have a strict homework routine after classes and we expect the students to devote time to their studies. Once they have finished their homework, they are free to socialise with their friends and get involved with evening and weekend activities.

Susana and Marian Fernandez are our house carers. They look after all domestic affairs and the day-to-day care and wellbeing of the students. They will be available to support the boarders with all aspects of life in the boarding house – whether that means helping with homework, providing healthy snacks to keep them going or ensuring their happiness. They are both fluent in English and Spanish.

At mealtimes, we aim to serve up tasty and nutritious food for our students. We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner, and we try to make each meal interesting, healthy and delicious. Tastes, preferences and special diets are all catered for. The emphasis is on home-cooked food, with many items made from scratch and with pastries and desserts made fresh on a daily basis.

Tamara and Toni are our cooks. Their meals are always nutritious as well as delicious. Toni is an expert in food from the Mediterranean while Tamara loves to cook food from her native Ukraine. David Lopez Benitez is our cleaner and he is also responsible for the laundry.