The best investment you can make in your well-being is leading a healthy lifestyle.


This is the Physical Education (PE) Department’s aim, as we strive to instil from an early age the importance of exercise in order to encourage enjoying the outdoors and healthy eating habits.

We live in a technology-based society which opposes the active lifestyle so we need to have to avoid becoming sedentary and lacking in energy, especially as we start growing up and reaching adulthood. Therefore, at Sunny View, we not only focus on equipping our students with the skills and knowledge required to keep fit and prevent injury and illness but also give as much or more importance to health as a state of mind, learning how to manage our emotions through different physical activities and a wide range of sports.

Our objective is to teach values such as learning to work together, through team spirit and occasionally using competition as a motivator, not as an objective, as we are not looking for Olympic champions but people with a positive attitude, especially since a great deal of our success in life depends on our attitude to the goals we set ourselves and the ability we have to work with others.