School meals

The school cafeteria provides hot lunches, sandwiches, healthy snacks and drinks, all at reasonable prices.

We are pleased to announce that beginning this school year Sunny View School’s lunch service is being run by the specialist company Aramark, which has been providing lunch services for over 50 years in 19 countries.

Under the new service, all meals will continue to be homemade in our cafeteria, not catered, and the kitchen staff will remain the same including our popular chef Antonio.

The lunch service provides a healthy and balanced daily school menu, which can be consulted for Primary students here and for Secondary students here. The menu, along with additional information about how Aramark operates its school lunch programmes, can also be accessed on the company’s website here.

We welcome the new lunch service to the school and hope that students and parents find it better than ever.

Those students who do not require a hot lunch may bring a packed lunch to eat in the cafeteria at lunch time.

Sandwiches at break time

A selection of sandwiches and drinks are available for students to purchase during their morning break. For details on sandwich prices and how to purchase these snack items, please see information for Primary students here and for Secondary students here.


More information about Aramark is available in its introduction letter to parents and in the videos at the following links:

‘Siempre Cerca’

‘Menús Saludables’