Spanish Curriculum

Sunny View School is fully authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Education and offers students the possibility of obtaining their GCSE studies as well as the Spanish Curriculum subjects required to obtain their recognition. The Spanish Department offers these subjects, both in Primary and in Compulsory Secondary Education. This enables our students to continue their higher education in Spain or abroad.

Up to Year 11 (4º ESO) the recognition of British GCSE studies is automatic. The requirements for the recognition process carried out by the ‘Consejería de Educación’ of the ‘Junta de Andalucía’ to obtain the ‘Graduado en Educación Secundaria Obligatoria’ (Compulsory Secondary Education Diploma in Spain), are to have passed 4 subjects at IGCSE and the two Spanish Curriculum compulsory subjects for the four years of Compulsory Secondary Education (‘Lengua y Literatura’ and ‘Geografía e Historia’). Applications for this recognition are processed by the ‘Delegación Territorial de Educación en Málaga’.

When students finish their A level studies, they can access universities from all over the world. If they choose to study in Spain, the organisation in charge of processing the admission to Spanish universities is the UNED. Students must first request the UNEDasiss accreditation, which is a digital certificate that enables students to participate in the admission process to Spanish universities. The admission process consists of the assessment of academic records obtained in international educational systems in a uniform and regulated manner, which also include the grades obtained in the ‘Pruebas de competencia específica (PCE)’ carried out at the UNED.

The A level exam results are taken into account for admission to Spanish universities. A maximum of four A level subjects are accepted, which are equivalent to the ‘Fase General de Selectividad’. With this, a grade between 5 and 10 points is obtained. If the University degree the student is interested in requires an entry grade higher than 10 points, the student must sit two ‘competencias específicas’ (PCE) exams at the UNED in order to obtain the maximum of 14 points. Sunny View School prepares Year 13 students who wish to sit PCE exams.

The Department also teaches Spanish as a second language (ESL) to students who are not native or are not fluent in Spanish. All students are therefore taught Spanish while studying at Sunny View School.